Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Miss / Won't Miss

Overall, we are really going to miss China.  We've had a nice time here, but like most everyone at the end of their adoption trip, we are ready to get home, and start finding our new "normal."

Here are a few specifics that we'll miss, and won't miss...

  • Miss:  The people.  We have met some wonderful people here in China.  The people working in our hotel, our guide Helen, the kind strangers who we sat with at dim sum, the shop owners and many others who have tried to make us feel welcome.
  • Won't Miss:  The driving.  Dear God, the driving here is the most terrifying thing we have ever experienced, with the exception of being a pedestrian in all of this crazy driving.
  • Miss:  The food!  We have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food at both the Marriott Nanning and Holiday Inn Shifu.  We also really enjoyed a local place Tao Tao Ju.  I will say that I did an excellent job gathering some delicious dim sum for us even though no one speaks English there.
  • Won't Miss:  The staring.  People, give us a break.  We are not some sort of side show at the circus, but you make us feel that way.  It's just odd because at home if I were to see something considered "weird" (and I don't even know what that would be), I would not stare.  Like, two transvestites with a baby wouldn't make me blink.
  • Miss:  Shamian Island.  We really have enjoyed our walks to the island and the lovely shops.  It is a quiet escape from the madness around our hotel.
  • Won't Miss:  The kids peeing and pooping in the street.  Yes, I know, it's a cultural thing, yadda yadda.  But, still, I'm sick of rolling the Happy Dino stroller through poop and saying "Dog?  Human?  Other?"
  • Miss: Our daily Executive Lounge debriefing (read: cocktails) with the Lillies. Emma plays and giggles, our E sits and stares giving us all the hairy eyeball, we all eat snacks and talk about the day. The Lillies are those "salt of the earth" kind of people...they have been a great source of support as well as a ton of laughs on a trip that isn't always funny.
  • Won't Miss:  Living in hotels.  Sure, the daily maid service is nice, but honestly, P makes the bed every day anyways.  Although, the hotel rooms aren't much smaller than the condo we just moved out of, but with a 3rd person it's rough. 
  • Miss / Won't Miss:  The pedestrian walking street outside of the HI GZ Shifu.  We actually love this street and all of the sights and shops, and have spent many hours walking here.  But it is so crowded sometimes that you can't even move, and then all of a sudden cars will come barrelling down the street (P says, "What the F is a PEDESTRIAN street here?!!?!?") and we nearly get killed.  Plus, there's NO regard for the stroller, and the orange-haired 80's style Duran Duran teenage boys smoking cigarettes everywhere get tiresome.
  • Miss:  Being in China right before Chinese New Year.  I don't think I could take the crowds during the actual holiday, but it is awesome being here right before.  We've watched the red lanterns go up, the orange trees being put out everywhere, paper cutouts being hung, and there's a general happiness and bustle that is so great to be a part of.
  • Won't Miss:  E's crazy schedule + the need to be outside walking all hours of the day + night.  (I say this because I hope we leave this behind as we transition from Guangzhou to Arlington.) 

The last hurrah with the Lillies (for now!)


    Pattie and Joe said...

    Miss - you all being home and happy. Don't miss - you all being far away and no way for us to help. Miss - your smiles. Don't miss - your anguish. So happy you had the Lillies. Soon you will have your family. Can't wait to say welcome home T, P, and E..

    Love, Pattie and Joe

    Cory and Molly said...

    Hi there,
    I just found your blog and it is amazing! We are at the beginning of the process to bring a little boy home from China, so your blog is so interesting. Your daughter is gorgeous!

    Narda said...

    Hi Tracy-

    Your daughter is beautiful!!

    Please try not to compare her to the Lillie's Emma, your Emmilene is just a different personality with a different temperament. Your little E. could be a more shy and withdrawn person who just needs a little more time to blossom and trust her new Mom & Dad. Plus she's a few months older, so she notices changes much more acutely.

    Just take things slowly, and don't overwhelm her with too many games, toys, and entertainment, just to "win her over". Lean back, and let her take the lead at her pace, and try not to hover over her too much. Maybe that strategy will work better, who knows?

    I'm sure you can't wait to be home with her! All the best! Emmilene is worth all the effort and heartaches, believe me!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Tracy,
    I stumbled upon your blog that was linked from another blog that was linked from another know how that goes. :) I found you around Day 2 in China and was immediately drawn to you and Patrick and how utterly "real" the two of you are. Maybe it's because i live in NH and have an Italian girlfriend you remind me of who hails from a Boston burb, or maybe it's just because I like funny, happy people. Regardless, I got caught up with your story from the beginning and am one of your biggest silent cheerleaders who could no longer stay silent. You and Patrick are certainly an inspiration. You're in the home stretch, and since I've been to China, I know how long that road back home is and i didn't have a grieving 2 year old with me. You sound like you have a family like mine...close, loving. Your little E is SO VERY LUCKY to have you and Patrick as her parents. She may not be doing a lot of smiling now...who does when they've lost what is most dear to them...but eventually you, Patrick, and your sister Sue Sue will have her belly laughing. Keep smiling my dear...take whatever help is offered to you once you get home...your heartache will subside as hers does.

    Anonymous said...

    Tracy and Patrick and Emmie....

    Have a safe trip home and I wish you all some kind of normal routine or schedule when you get there! I hope everything will begin to fall into place where it is supposed to. I know it will take a little while, but we are praying that it won't take too long! At least you will be in your own house! Can't wait to meet our new cousin when things calm down for you! Lots of love & prayers.......Denise, Mic, Andrew & OF COURSE....Kaylyn xxoo

    Susan McDermott said...

    Well, well, well. I haven't checked in in quite a while. I totally lost track of when li'l E was coming to the US. I've just read through all your blog while in China. Congrats to all of you. You are all so very blessed. I can't wait to meet E. All my love, Susan (McD)

    Anonymous said...

    Hi T,P,and travels...I am sure that once you all arrive home, things will become normal for all of you...lots of love and prayers...
    PAtty and Andy

    Heidi said...

    Thank you for sharing your journey! I have learned so much from reading it. Your honesty in your posts is refreshing and I truly appreciate it. We should be going to China this May/June to get our daughter who will be 3 in July. I'm worried about attachment, bonding, etc. It's something I pray about daily.

    Thank you again for sharing your experience. I look forward to continue to follow your blog as your precious family is home!!

    Narda said...

    Hey, Tracy--please don't letting your faithful audience hang!!! :-)

    How is is going with sweet little Emmilene at home? We are all looking forward to your next post, especially those of us who will be adopting from China shortly.