Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today was a great day doing just what P and I love to do:  travelling and exploring new places.  This sure was a new place for us!

We took the 6 bus to Stanley Market.  The ride alone was worth the trip.  The scenery of the ocean and moutains was breathtaking, weaving along roads that were basically hanging off the side of a cliff.  This road had more twists and turns than the roads we drove on in Tuscany, and would give the Mt. Washington Auto Road a run for it's money.  We took it all in from the top level of a double decker bus.  Needless to say, THANK GOODNESS for the Sea-bands.  No way my weak stomach could have handled it otherwise.

Stanley Market itself was exactly our type of place.  Right on the water, with tiny little booths and shops filled with souveniers.  Not a chain store in sight here.  We picked up a few things, and ate Chinese food on a terrace at a waterfront place.  It was a relaxing and perfect way to spend our few hours in Hong Kong. 

Waterfront walk at Stanley Market
P tried to hone his bargaining skills at the market.  Didn't go so well.
I, on the other hand, did a little better.

We arrived in Nanning pretty unscathed without too many issues.  Just an hour sitting in the plane on the runway before takeoff.  When we arrived we were met by our very softspoken guide, Cindy.  We got a lift to the Marriott in Nanning which is quite lovely.  Cindy gave us some background of Nanning and Guangxi.

We also learned a few things about our Gotcha Day.  Here's what we had previously been told by our China coordinator:
1.  E would go back to the orphanage this weekend before meeting us, and
2.  Gotcha would take place in a provincial office.

Here's what we found out today:
1.  E is it NOT going back to the orphanage because it would be too many transitions for her.  She will wake up with her foster family, and be driven to Nanning with the orphanage staff.
2.  Gotcha will take place in our hotel room, after she has lunch at around 2:30.

WOW.  So, a little different than what we had been told.  We processed it a bit over some noodles at dinner.  It's going to be OK.

Where are those training chopsticks?


The Payne Family Blog said...

OHHHH! We had Cindy too and also met Kate in the lobby of the Marriott followed by our room. It was perfect! Please give Cindy a big hug from the Payne family and let her know that Kate is doing beautifully! Cindy was SUCH a blessing to our family. I know you will adore her as much as we did!!!

Also glad you road the double decker! I went with girlfriends several years ago. and we squealed like little girls the whole way. So fun!!!!

Can't wait for big E day!!!!

Angie said...

Love following along on your journey to E!!! Sounds like you're already having quite an adventure! But the best one will be in just a couple days! (Well, tomorrow for you)!!!

Lillie Family said...

Wow. T - like I said in the cab, I think at least E will grieve with you, rather then at the orphanage. I have to imagine her being with 1:1 caregiver during that time will make it easier. I am praying for all of us on Monday. Both E's and the 4 parents. :-)

Side note -- I am on the hunt for an 'I heart HK' shirt in toddler size. We looked everywhere at temple street and they were all out of 4T shirts for Lexie (of course nothing for babies). Those markets kind of make you crazy. ALthough I heard stanley was much more relaxed (and it looks beautiful!).

Pattie and Joe said...

Hi Sweetie - Joe and I are as anxious as anyone - who knew?! Joe says the next time u eat noodles, ur supposed to pick the bowl up :). He is sure it's no mystery where P is from...can we say Boston. Been following u on ur blog. We do have a Skype account. Gotta talk to Auntie Sue - get home fast please !!!

Auntie Maryann said...

Tracy and Patrick,
Glad to hear you arrived safety and P slept the whole way, what good company, ha, ha. Seems like you are enjoying the sites and can't wait to get your hands on E. Please give her a hug and kiss from all of us. Will keeo up with the blog to see what is going on.
Much Love,
Auntie Maryann, Uncle Jeff, Ro and Jeff