About Us

1.  Who are you, anyways?
We are T (me) and P (Hub), E (sweet daughter from Guangxi, China), and soon-to-be second daughter R (darling daughter from Guangdong, China). 
2.  What do you like to do?
We like to travel and eat.  OK, we like to do other things, too, but most everything falls into those two categories.  Sure, we like spending time with our family and friends, but you aren’t going to just sit there and look at each other, right?  You eat. 

3.  What are your favorite things?
Daytrips, the beach, Maine, lighthouses, cocktails (OK, we have to curb this), Boston sports teams, the coast, cafes, delicious food, artisan roasted coffee, frugality, the smell of salt air, Cape Cod, cooking, music (country, 80s hair bands, Dean Martin, Glenn Miller Orchestra), farmer’s markets, supporting local businesses, politics (mostly P), makeup (mostly T), meaningful conversation, and family.

4.  Do you have jobs?
Yes, in his spare time, P is a Compliance Officer.  Joking—that is his full time job.  Before becoming a stay-at-home-mom, I used to be study manager in the field of Clinical Research.  Now I just report to Emmie.