Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer

Being the summer people we are, everyone in this house is a little sad to see it unofficially (or officially?) end.  Not to mention, a glimmer of sun over the long Labor Day weekend wouldn't have hurt, would it?  Every day E got up and said, "Mama, it's not boooo-tiful outside, is it?"  Which translates to:  "We aren't going to the beach, are we?"

But, we can't complain too much.  We had an awesome summer of beach days and day trips to fun places, lots of feasts and festivals, and plenty of good times.  We kept it all within driving distance, though, since we didn't feel R was ready for sleeping away from her still-new bed yet.

Speaking of our newest addition...R's really doing great.  Settling in and just becoming one of the gang. The girls are definitely becoming friends more and more every day.  Warms this Mama's (and Baba's!) heart.

So, a little wrap-up of August in pictures...

Boston Common carousel.

Funny face picture at a cafe.  We did it once, and now we have to do it

St. Agrippina feast.  Protecting all of us from thunderstorms
and bacterial infections.  How perfect is that?

Swing, batter batter!

Loving the water she used to be afraid of!
Wingaersheek Beach

Mama took the girls blueberry picking.  It was a HUGE hit!
Honeypot Orchards

We have the two most beautiful little berry pickers around!

So proud!
Look at R's belly!  Smooch!!

Emmie driving the tractor.
(Rosie would NOT get on the tractor, no surprise there...)

A rare day indoors--baking cookies for Baba.

Look at the diva poses!

Rosie tearing into a whoopie pie from Bread and Roses bakery in
Ogunquit, ME.  We'll fatten her up yet!

Along the Marginal Way with Baba.

All dolled up in traditional outfits for the Boston Chinatown August
Moon Festival.

Beautiful dragon at the festival.

Emmie's reaction to the aforementioned dragon.
I guess not all Chinese people like dragons.

On to the North End.  Here comes the parade!
Much happier!  No dragons!

Enjoying an arancini at the Madonna Della Cava feast in the North End.
It was quite a multicultural day!  Started with rice noodles, ended with tiramisu.

Transfusion day.
(You knew they had to get tanked up SOMETIME in between all this fun...)

The shirts say it all!  We were so excited to get one to
match the shirt Emmie got last year at the same exact feast!

Our favorite, the Fisherman's Feast.

Getting a little temporary Hello Kitty tat at the Quincy
August Moon Festival.

Outside of Crema Cafe in Harvard Square.  No, we did not give them espresso.

Or, did we?

One day Emmie woke up and said, "Mama, today I want to go on a boat."
So, we did!  (Just the MBTA ferry from Boston to Charlestown--not a Carnival Cruise or anything.)

Salem, MA.  The girls got Chinese Yo-Yos.
When the sales clerk took them from us to ring in, he said, "OK, you have two Chinese yo-yos."
To which I responded, "Are you calling my kids yo-yos?!"
We all had a good laugh.

Salem, MA.
Enjoying the ocean breeze on a super humid day.

Our last feast of the summer, St. Anthony.
Emmie was SO SO SO excited to pin her dollar on the saint.

With Baba strolling the streets of the North End.

Rosie destroying a piece of Umberto's delicious pizza.  These kids know good food!
Again, we'll fatten her up yet!

Every time we were in Boston this summer, Emmie asked when the carousel would be ready.
We went in especially for the grand opening on Labor Day weekend!

Emmie was very excited to get to ride the lobster!

Just as excited to get to eat lobster, too!
(Yes, the girls LOVE lobster.)