Bow Stuff

Since I went a little haywire buying a bunch of some adorable chevron and pumpkin Halloween ribbon, I have lots extra and only two little girls to make bows for.

Here are some styles I can make:

This is on a two-pronged clip.  I put her hair in a ponytail first.

This is on a french clip.  I clip it over a tiny elastic.

These are cute in sets of two for pigtails, too.

They can go on a french clip or a two-pronged clip.  I put some no-slip grippy stuff on the two-pronged clips so they stay in fine hair.  I have green, orange, and black spiders (for now).  I can also customize them a bit with the black polka dot and orange ribbon.

I make them all by hand, right here in my kitchen.  I can try to make them by Monday so you can get some use out of them this week.

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