On Food

1.  You talk about food a lot.
Yes, we do.  It’s an Italian thing, and it’s a “my family” thing.  We love talking about food.  It’s not, “How was your day?” it’s “What did you eat today?”

2.  Are you foodies?
Yes, I think so, but not food snobs.  We are foodies who do not eat out a lot because I love to cook, and we like to be frugal.  We are the kind of foodies who will go on a long road trip to taste the first batch of fresh maple syrup or eat the most perfectly fried fish or visit a little old lady who makes her own jams or smell our coffee being roasted.

3.  Do you both cook?
No, P does not cook.  He eats.  The man loves his pasta.  He is the most Italian Irish person you have ever met.  He calls me from work every morning and asks, “What’s for dinner.”  That is, if he didn’t already nail down the information during the previous night’s dinner.  Just so you don’t think he’s a Neanderthal, he does all of the dishes while I put my feet up.

4. What are some things you cook?
Risotto, pasta pesto, chicken marsala, minestrone, and lo mein.  I also try my hand and Mexican, Indian, and straight up American dishes.  I also make dishes that I refer to as “one pot meal” or “some slop I threw together.”