On Adoption

1.  Why are you adopting E?
Well, why does anyone have a baby from their belly?  To start a family.  I have always wanted to adopt a child, and since P met me, he has, too.  We think it is the perfect way for us to have a family.  Adoption is our first choice.  ‘Nuff said.

2.  Why are you adopting from China?
Well, I did mention that we like to travel.  But, seriously, we are adopting from China because we wanted to adopt a child of a certain age with a certain Special Need, thalassemia.  This condition is very prevalent in China.

3.  Why did you want to adopt a child with thalassemia?  What the heck is that?
We wanted to adopt a child with thalassemia because I have thalassemia, which is a genetic blood disorder.  The most severe form of the disorder is thalassemia major, and it requires lifelong monthly blood transfusions to survive.  This is what E has.  I have thalassemia intermedia, which is a lesser form of the disorder that may require transfusions intermittently, and has it’s own host of issues, none of which affect my ability to be a great mom.