Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful x3

When I look at my life, I know that I have so much to be thankful for.  Yes, of course I am thankful for all of that stuff that everyone is thankful, a warm house, food to eat, and all of that.

But what I am most thankful for is sitting right here with me.  Warm, soft, cuddly as can be.  My three girls.  They have made my life into what it is today.  I am thankful for every kiss, every tear, every giggle and every tantrum.  Because, without them, there would be a giant hole in my heart (and my life!) that nothing else could ever fill.

For me, Thanksgiving isn't really any different than any other day.  Because each and every day I quietly say thank you a thousand times for these girls who have brought so much meaning to my life. I am simply thankful for being their Mama.

Love my pile of little girls watching Santa's arrival at the Macy's parade.

Some of my favorite moments are cooking
with my daughters.

Putting a little muscle in it.

Our annual Pinterest moment.

As thankful as I am, I could never be thankful
enough for the joy that these girls have brought to
our lives.

Frannie's first Thanksgiving!

It's a good thing Nana found a three-legged turkey!

Frannie looks like she's leading some sort of revolt.  Maybe she
was worried her turkey leg wasn't big enough?

Our third daughter finally gets to wear this bib!