Saturday, January 14, 2012

Medical Exam, Shamian, and the Other E

Today little Miss E had a very busy day that we thought would wear her out, but instead wore us out.  She is a night owl!

We were happy to be able to go to the breakfast buffet and actually eat the 3 of us.  She refuses to get out of her chariot, but at least she sat there and ate.  After we met Helen in the lobby and E waited patiently while we did some paperwork.  She is clearly more relaxed when she hears Helen speaking Mandarin.

After that was off through the pet and spice markets to Shamian for E's medical exam.  The walk was really neat and we enjoyed seeing the "real" China and chatting with Helen.

Next was the medical exam, which E passed with flying colors!  She was not very happy to see the doctors (attention CHB:  send in the clowns, the dogs, the circus, whatever when we come in!!!), but she was so cooperative that even though she was sad, she took her own coat off and lifted up her shirt because she knew what was going on.  The only time she really cried was after the TB test.

Post-TB test

...and a few minutes later, she was as happy as a clam.

After the medical exam, we strolled lovely Shamian Island.  It is so much quieter and more peaceful.  Helen gave us the deluxe tour, pointing out interesting things and good places to take photos.  She is a total peach!

We ran into the Lillie Family during our stroll.  The two Es became fast friends.  Our E is definitely good at sharing.  I wish the Lillie's Emma would teach our E how to lighten up and smile a bit!  She is one chipper, pretty baby!  It is so fabulous to be here with the Lillies....I think we are all good for each other!  The adults compare notes while the girls play (and eat food off the carpet)!  We all really did a number on the Executive Lounge last night...I hope we haven't been banned.  I keep forgetting that we won't be taking the Lillies back to Boston with us!

We rounded out our stroll with a stop at the famous Red Couch in the White Swan Hotel and Starbucks!  As much as P and I don't "do" chain coffee shops, it was nice to go somewhere so familiar to us.  FYI, the mochas taste exactly the same as they do in Boston.

Although E looks like she needs a nap in the Red Couch photo, we did NOT share our coffees with her.

The rest of our day was spent wheeling around Miss E, which is her favorite thing in the world.  We took walk after walk after walk.  Even after we shut things down with the Lillies at the Executive Lounge, we had to take E out for her nighttime stroll through the super bustling pedestrian area that makes Times Square look tame.  Arlington is going to be very boring for our little night owl.

Ni Hao to everyone at home!  We love you and miss you all very much and thank you for all of your support.  Love, T + P + E

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Amanda said...

Ah yes, Guangzhou Starbucks... Happy Memories...