Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ups and Downs

On Wednesday morning, we had R's medical appointments.  To say that she was terrified is putting it lightly.  Even the doctor putting her on the scale had her screaming and running away.  It was so hard when they took her from us to do the TB test, and to hear her screaming behind a closed door.  It's amazing how deeply you care for someone who you just met.  In the afternoon we went to the police station to apply for R's passport.  We were surprised at how long this appointment was.

Overall, we'd say that things are still going pretty well, especially in comparison to how things went with E.  Unlike our first trip, we have been having lots of fun moments, smiles, laughs, and general family fun.  Still, we're having quite a bit of trouble getting R to accept Mama.  She'll play with me, giggle with me, let me change her diaper, feed her, bathe her, but then sometimes she acts so so so terrified of me.  She's very Jekyll and Hyde with me.  For instance, when it was time to put a shoe on her, she screamed so loud we thought we were going to be kicked out of the hotel when I tried to do it.  When Baba tried, she just held her little foot out, no problem.  When it was time to give her a bottle, she arched her back and screamed until she was purple when I tried to give it to her, but she took it from Baba happily.  She has a very hard time making eye contact with me, and even swats at me sometimes.  We mentioned this to our agency, and they said what I expected...that R was very close to her female caretakers, and sees me as a threat to them.  Baba is likely a novelty to her.  R is also a little nervous of her big sister.  She refuses most anything E tries to give to her, and scoots away when E gets too close.  Bedtime is rough, very much how it used to be with E.  We know this will get better, it will just take time.

These gals are so super cute!

Terrified of the medical appointment.

Post-TB test.  I felt like I wanted to cry, too.

In the lobby of the building where the medical appointment was.
We could have used some of this on the way out!

Requisite van pic.  Lee, the driver, keeps commenting on how E
talks NONSTOP in the van.


Anne Trent said...

Once your husband goes back to work, R will be your best buddy.
My M was the same way when we got home. We also had a rough start. I took care of her "needs" & daddy took care of her "wants".
One month home, she was my little shadow & prefers me way more than daddy. It hurts your heart, but it will get better.

Lillie Family said...

Ha ha on the wine!! :-0