Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 1 or is it Day 2...Hong Kong

I never quite know what's going on with the days at the start of the trip as we've kinda lost one or a half of one...and I'm running on so little sleep I don't know my own name, never mind what day it is.

P and I got under an hour of sleep the night before we left.  By the time P wrapped up work and we both wrapped up packing, my dad was practically on his way to our house to pick us up.  E has been talking about the day Grampy would pick us up to take us to the airport for months now, but apparently I wasn't clear about something, because as soon as we pulled in to Terminal C, E said, "Are we in China yet?"  Um, no, not quite.  But now, about 10 gazillion hours later, we are.  Although, again, I must have done something wrong with my explanation of our trip to E, because as soon as we stepped off the plane in Hong Kong, she said, "But where's my little sister ROE-RIE?!?!!?"  As if she was going to be standing with the people holding the limo signs or something.  Ugh, how is it that I am so inept at communicating these things?  Well, at any rate, at least it's clear to E why we are here.

The flight was uneventful and generally torture it was so long.  People really get worked up about picking the "perfect" airline or flight, and as far as I'm concerned, I don't care if you are riding on an amusement park attraction in the sky, 15 hours (one of the legs) is going to get a little long.  But, I will say, E probably took it better than any of us!  She was great.  P and I were the ones whining the most.

We checked in to our hotel by about 7 after sitting in quite a bit of traffic.  We are staying in the heart of Kowloon so even though it was raining and swampy and were were so tired our eyes were crossed, we headed out to explore a bit.  We ended up seeing the not-so-impressive light show (even worse because we were just looking at a lot of umbrellas in front of us), walking around a tiny bit of the massive shopping area, eating at a local (and delish!) restaurant, and grabbing a coffee at one of the coolest Starbucks we've ever seen.  So, not bad for people who have been going for about 48 hours now.

Our luggage.  Oh, and, er, Emmie--our carry on.

"Let's go!  Let's go!  Let's go!"
E and Baba rarin' to go!

E and Baba*, about 3 minutes later.
* Baba approved this pic, but requested a disclaimer:
The roll on his belly is all of our passports and cash, not excessive Five Guys consumption.
Hong Kong skyline.  I am completely exhausted!

E drinking my milk tea.  Milk tea tastes so much better in Hong Kong!

E and Baba ravenously eating noodles.
We're looking forward to spending the day in Hong Kong tomorrow (rain is supposed to be gone!) and then heading to Guangzhou via train, which should be interesting for sure!


Renate said...

Glad you made it.

Pattie and Joe said...

Can't wait to follow your great adventure! Looks like E will be holding you up. Baba looks very peaceful.

CynthiaC said...

Was the milk tea from a cha chaan teng (HK style diner - you can order delicious THICK French Toast and other semi-westernized comfort foods there)? The stuff is soooooo bad for you, but soooooooo good!

LadyBug Dragon said...

Wow how exciting! Enjoy every moment! I will reading it!

Stacia said...

I'm glad you all made it safely and are ready to get that baby!!!

Kelly said...

LOVE Hong Kong! I went when we lived in Japan with a bunch of girl friends. Loved every minute! Enjoy your time exploring! Get some sleep girl!!!

Tera said...

Glad you made it safely and looking forward to following along!

Ann said...

Can only imagine your exhaustion and excitement all wrapped up into one. Great to hear you made it and that E did so well on the long plane ride. I'm so excited to hear more.

Fannie said...

Glad you guys made it to HK!!! :) that's cute that E thought R would be right at the airport but Gotcha day is coming soon! Yours is the first travel blog that even my hubby is following along on. :) can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Praying for your baby girl's heart as she is prepared to meet her forever family.

Anonymous said...

So happy the flight went so well! We will take out kids for our next adoption and I am always intersted in how they will handle it! :) have a wonderful time! Can't wait to follow along! :)

matt Dailey said...

So happy to be following your blog. We are in process to adopt a Thalassemia princess and have already gleaned so much. We hope to bring her home in July.
Love E's enthusiasm.