Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Name Game

P and I give nicknames to everything.  We aren't "T" and "P" on the blog because we are in some sort of undercover witness protection program.  We actually refer to each other that way.  We tend to talk in initials, such as, "MB was a madhouse today" (Market Basket), or "We need some Charles Shaw at TJs" (Trader Joe's), or "What did R and C do today?" (my parents).  We also refer to places by initials, like those bumper stickers you see on cars.  "BBH is my favorite place," or "Should we go to OGT this weekend?" or, "AMI is like the Caribbean for cheap!"  (Boothbay Harbor, Ogunquit, and Anna Maria Island).

So, it's no wonder we have a dozen names for E.  P was having lunch with a former colleague, and he referred to E as "Q."  Bewildered, his pal had no idea who "Q" was.  So, we realized, this one tiny girl has a huge list of names:
  • Emmilene
  • E
  • Emmie
  • Quan Quan (which we used to pronounce this way and now we realize it's acutally more like "Chahn Chahn")
  • Q
  • QQ
  • Q-t-Q
  • Q-squared (I was a math major)
  • Queen Emmilene (rhymes)
Just to name a few.  Here's a bumper sticker I want to put on our car next to "ME" and "AMI" and "CC":

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The Jiu Jiu said...

This is great! Just don't forget the 2nd Q or your oval will claim you're from Qatar... 8-D