Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All Smiles

Everyone is all smiles around here lately, including Emmilene!  We were delighted to get an updated picture of her today.  It was taken on November 25 and she's smiling!  Probably because her hair is growing in.  She sort of has a faux-hawk, or perhaps she has the same hairdo as her Daddy.  Either way, she's as cute as ever!

We are making our lists and checking them twice (and three times and four times...).  Just to run down the dates:
Thursday, January 5:  Leave for China
Friday, January 6:  Arrive Hong Kong
Saturday, January 7:  Arrive Nanning (Marriott)
Monday, January 9:  Gotcha Day / Forever Family Day!
Friday, January 13:  Arrive Guangzhou (Garden Hotel)
Wednesday, January 18:  Consulate Appointment
Thursday, January 19:  Arrive Hong Kong
Friday, January 20:  The longest day of my life, um, I mean travel day to arrive home in USA!  Emmie becomes a US citizen!

We are so very excited.  I remember thinking during the summer that it felt like we were never going to get here, but now it's only weeks away!  Everyone, please cross your fingers that this last stretch goes as smoothly as possible, given that we are trying to get ready for the biggest trip of our lives and complete house renovations and move.  Lots of stuff all at once, but with the support of everyone, we know we can do it!


The Payne Family Blog said...

I am so excited for you to meet this adorable little one! You will enjoy Nanning!!!! Where are you staying? So excited to follow your journey!


The Jiu Jiu said...

Oh, that is SO cool...! Please remember to set up email access, or to have a friend update your blog for you, while you're in China (direct access to Blogger is usually blocked there). I want to follow along!

BTW, the homecoming day of our trip to get the Pipsqueak lasted well over 30 hours, so hang in there...!

a blog full of weldons. said...

oh my, your girl is breathtaking! sooo happy you will finally be united!! what a blessing she is! we just brought our little girl home from china in august and i can still feel the rush of excitement and anxiety as we prepaired to leave, travel, and expirience such a big moment. can't wait to see her in your arms!! blessings to you dear friend!