Thursday, November 3, 2011

Treasure Box

Since we've moved on to the next phase of the adoption process, our agency said it would be a great time to send a "Treasure Box" to E.  This is perfect timing since it will coincide with her second birthday coming up later this month.

P and I spent several days searching store after store for the perfect items for E's Treasure Box.  It's amazing how much time we can spend looking for 3 little pounds of stuff!  We had so much fun putting it together and sending it off to her.  We included a Ni Hao, Kai-Lan birthday card as well as a short letter for E and one for her foster family.  Some of the items we included this time:
  • Hello Kitty PJ set (we hope she loves Hello Kitty as much as we do!)
  • Disposable camera so we can hopefully get some pictures of her life in China
  • Red Sox animal crackers--P had to send those!  Making her a Sox fan already!
  • Toy cell phone (maybe she'll give us a call?)
  • Super cute fleece hoodie and hat
  • Candy for her and foster family (we couldn't leave out her favorite food group!)
  • Toy recorder--we bet her foster family will love that one...especially after all of the candy.  I hope she leaves that in China!

Enjoy, Emmie!


Susan McDermott said...

Wow, will you adopt me!!!! I'm thinking of you guys. Hoping time will speed by so E comes to town faster than 'Johnny wrote a note'!!!! Who was Johnny anyway?

Anonymous said...

This part is SO much fun!!!! Love the pj's