Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

Today is our sweet daughter's second birthday.  We are so excited that we are getting closer to meeting her, but it is heartwrenching to miss yet another special moment with E.  We hope that she is having a wonderful day, and celebrating in style with people who care about her very much.  On the other hand, we are very sad that we can't share this day with her.  We are already thinking of ways to make up for all of the things we have missed.

Today we'll have a little mini-celebration in honor of E's birthday, and blow out a little "2" candle for her.  We won't say what our birthday wish is, because we want it to come true!

On the flip side, we guess the terrible twos start today!!!



Emmie's Auntie said...

Third birthday party in Vegas? Pony rides on a working farm? Clowns? Lions and tigers and bears? All of the above? Oh yeah. We'll make up for it.
Missed you today, Emmie...

Emmie's Auntie said...

The cake tasted as yummy as it looked, by the way. I've thought about little else all day today...I want another slice!!