Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Closer to Fine

Over the past week or so we've hit some pretty important milestones in our adoption timeline:

I800 Approval:  11/15/2011
NVC Cable and pdf:  11/22/2011
Article 5 Drop-off:  11/23/2011

To those of you who are in the adoption community, you know what this means.  To those of you who are just learning, stand up and cheer because it means we are moving through the last steps to Emmilene! 

Next, we wait 2 weeks for our Article 5 Pick-up, and after that, we are just waiting on TA (Travel Authorization).  Depending on how quickly we receive our TA, we are crossing every finger and toe that we might have a fighting chance of meeting our daughter before Chinese New Year, which starts on January 23.  Otherwise, we have to wait until after.

You can bet that this Christmas, we are only asking for one thing under our tree...TA!!!!!!!


Annika said...

Congratulations! We got i800 on the 16th but are still waiting on NVC-- yours was fast! Lucky!

Amiee said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog! I will be following your journey to your adorable little girl and lifting you in prayer along the way! We are also adopting a beautiful little girl. Here is our blog http://loveneverfails-gautreaux.blogspot.com/. I would love some advice on the paper chase!! How did you get your dossier to China without the 1-800 approval first? Thanks for the help! --Amiee

Tracy said...

Hi Amiee! Thanks for checking out my blog...I'm going to wander over to yours, too! As far as I know (at least with SN adoptions), you are always DTC before your I800 approval. You might be thinking of the I800A, which comes before DTC. All of these numbers and letters...OY!!! Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions! Hugs!

Alan said...

Just found your blog too -- looking forward to reading more, and it sounds like we'll be in China around the same time!

Alan and Lindy