Sunday, November 6, 2011

Emmie's House

We live in the tiniest one bedroom condo you have ever seen.  The fact that we have survived here for 9+ years with our marriage intact is a real testament to how well we are matched.  But it is no place to bring a child to from half way around the world. 

At the start of the adoption process, people kept saying we had plenty of time to find a house.  For us, the biggest stressor was not the adoption, but the lack of a home to which to bring E.  Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and all of a sudden we found ourselves bumping up against a deadline to find a home that we could be in before E's arrival.  Realtors kept telling us how "uncanny" it has been for the past 6 months, with practically no homes coming on in our target towns.  We were both losing a lot of sleep.

Well, one week before our internal "deadline" to put an offer on anything with four walls, and the search is over!  After an agonizing search for a home to bring E to, we finally found a house.  Our offer was accepted last night, and barring any unforeseen disasters, it's ours!

It's no McMansion, that's not our style.  It's a cute house, on a super lot, in an idylic neighborhood in the town that I grew up in.  And--get this--E's Nana and Grampy walk right by this house every single day on their morning walk.  Auntie Sue Sue said we have to get a little step stool so E can stand at the window and wave to Nana and Grampy as they powerwalk by.  My mom said, "You just better make sure those shrubs don't grow up too much and cover the window...we want Emmie to be able to see us waving at her!"  Yes, Nana, we'll keep the shrubs trimmed.  Hey...Grampy can feel free to come up the street himself and give them a trim if needed!

Emmie's House...Ours, too


Annika said...

Congratulations! It looks like a great house to grow up in.

Anonymous said...

AW! Super cute!! Happy times ahead!!! -vea