Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Twas the Night Before Christmas

I never, ever thought I'd be spending a Christmas Eve in China.  But here we are, after a busy day with our bags all packed and three little elves all tucked in their beds.  Three little elves.  Three perfect little blessings.  The best Christmas presents in the world don't come in a box.  They cry, they giggle, they pout, they snuggle.  They bring the joy of Christmas every day.  They are our girls.

Frannie has already changed so much since the day we met her with the crazy hair hat on.  We are seeing more and more of her personality every day.  She is funny and fun, but she also has quite the little temper on her.  She wants to be held by me or in the carrier constantly.  She's starting to show some affection, and snuggles into me when I hold her.  I want to smother her beautiful baby face with kisses.

I'm thinking a lot tonight about the changes that are still in store for our new daughter.  I remember well when Emmie--who had just started to settle down a little at the end of her adoption trip--walked into our house and started to cry.  It was as if she was saying, "Not this again.  Stop changing things on me."  For months after returning home she was terrified every night.  I would lay in her room for hours and hours every night until she fell asleep.  So I can't help but worry for Frannie, who has seemed to settle in to our routine here in China.  I hate the thought of her feeling scared when we mix up her scenery yet again.  It's OK to be hopeful, but it's foolish to think that the hard part is behind us.  Not to mention the fact that the day after returning home and jetlagged, we'll already be at the hospital getting her lab work done, which is sure to be traumatic.

So Merry Christmas to everyone from China and I'll sign off with some pics from the past two days, which have really been nice family days.  We are so lucky to have these girls in our lives.  Wish us luck on the very long journey home!

Visiting a Buddhist temple.  Patrick and I absolutely loved it and
everything Connie taught us.

Liuhua Lake park.  Connie said, "I planned the temple for the adults,
the park for the girls."  She was right on-the girls had a blast.

Late night dim sum.  Frannie can EAT.

Oh, shoot.  She's hooked on Starbucks already.

Pure joy!

Lychee Park.

Flower boats.

Enjoying a peaceful boat ride.

Emmie performing "Let It Go" on the boat ride.

Super excited to get a bowl of turnip cakes.  She eats and eats and eats...

Christmas Eve dinner.  A little different than usual.
Out celebrating our last night in China and Christmas Eve.

The pedestrian mall area was packed with people celebrating.

And, of course, Baba reading "The Night Before Christmas."


Anonymous said...

May God watch over you and your family and have a safe trip home! Many Blessings and Merry Christmas!

Brenda Fung said...

Merry Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!!!! Save travels home!


Renate Jackson said...

Gods speed. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Praying Our Heavenly Father, the giver of all things wonderful ,will give you a safe trip HOME with your 3 Wonderful TREASURES!!!God Bless and a JOYOUS And Blessed Christmas!! Cathy in Illinois!!!

Beth said...

Merry Christmas to your beautiful family. I'm so enjoying following along on your journey.

Joe and Pattie said...

Welcome Home guys! Missed you and hope all is well. Next Christmas Eve will be merrier with ou newest niece.

Syl Stevens said...

Safe and healthy journey home!!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Merry belated Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

They are all super sweet girls! Liuhua Lake Park is the most beautiful park in Guangzhou. Just can't wait to see your update for Easter.
Yue, Florida