Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hong Kong to Ding Ding

Today everyone woke up in decent spirits (Rosie and I at 4am as it seems the time change is affecting us the worst).  Rosie's busted nose looks like she was punched in the face, making us a bit nervous as we are going to be meeting some Chinese officials in just a couple of days to take another of their children into our care.  Oh, did I not mention that Rosie busted her nose?  She did.  On that beside table that is always between two double beds in a hotel room.  The one that just looks like it's going to bust your kid's face on the corner of.  That one.  Rosie was on the bed reaching for the phone to make one of her zillion pretend phone calls to the US and her hand slipped and her nose hit the corner of the table.

So, busted nose aside, we headed back to Tsui Wah because it's familiar to us and delicious.  We feasted on noodles and eggs and rolls and mystery meat and P even had a fried fish filet.  Fried fish for breakfast!  Yum!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in Hong Kong.  The temp was probably about 60 or so, it was bright sun and breezy.  We headed to Kowloon Park, where we took Emmie on Rosie's adoption trip.  It was amazing how much of the park Emmie remembered.

After Kowloon Park, we headed down to stroll the Waterfront area.  It was absolutely gorgeous and perfect.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport for the final leg of our journey to meet our daughter and sister.

This is about when the emotions start to get big and real and--honestly--scary.  Emmie and I were all cuddled together on the plane and she was telling me how excited she is to meet her little sister.  She asked me what I was thinking, and I told her the truth: "Emmie, I feel really nervous."  Just like the sweet, tender girl she has been since that day in the Nanning Marriott when she wiped my tears, she said, "Oh, Mama.  Don't be so silly.  You don't have to be nervous about meeting your own daughter!"  And with that, off we flew to Nanning.  Or, Ding Ding, as Rosie calls it.


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Praying all goes well!

Pattie and Joe said...

Mama and Baba - "Don't be nervous about meeting your own daughter" - out of the mouths of Babes....this who know better than any of us!