Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Fun

What an amazing first Christmas we had as a family! 

Last year, I remember being at our annual family Christmas Eve party and having E "with us" by having a picture of her at the table.  This year, she was the life of the party!  And I mean that literally, she nearly shut the place down!  Dancing, singing, marching, stopping for some shrimp cocktail or a bite of Nana's dessert, and off again wearing the grown-ups out.  She really enjoyed getting to play with her adorable little cousins.  At one point around midnight (when all of the other kids were long gone and tucked in to bed), E was playing the piano and Baba asked her if she was getting tired and ready to go home and she said, "No!  Emmie play all night!"  When we got her to go home, she put out some cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer and finally passed out.

Auditioning for "The Voice"?

This is about 12:30am.  LOTS of energy still left!
Christmas Day was magical.  It was so much fun and excitement for all of us.  I waited with nervous anticipation with the cameras as Baba led E in to see all of the fun things that Santa left for her.  Obviously, she was a VERY good girl this year!  I can report that her favorite gift so far is a pair of kid's scissors.  I'm pretty sure Santa could have just left those and a bunch of paper to cut up and that's all she would need.  We had a delicious Christmas dinner and lots more presents to open to round out a perfect day.

How do you use this thing?

The favorite gift:  a pair of kid's scissors.

Our happy girl.

Look at those big brown eyes in the magnifying glass!

It was a wonderful Christmas with the people we love.  We missed our little R, but we are so excited that she will be here to join in on the fun next year!

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