Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snow and Sun

Thanks to the wacky New England weather we've been having, E was able to play in the snow and run around outside blowing bubbles in the same week!  She deserved some fun, though, after all of the chores she's been doing (see last post).

On Monday, Auntie Sue Sue picked up one of our old sleds from Nana and Grampy's house (wedged between the Barry Manilow records and Nana's old Smith-Corona typewriter).  Auntie and I took turns pulling around Queen Emmilene as she sat with her ankles crossed, lounging in the sled.  Then E thought it would be fun to ride with Mama, so poor Auntie had to drag around the two of us (no small feat). 

"Is this thing an antique?  Did Nana really save it for me for
30 years?"

"Hey Mama!  Jump in!  Auntie can drag around the two of us.
Don't worry...she'll do anything I ask her to do!"

Just a couple of days later, we were treated with gorgeous weather in the high 60s!  E literally spent hours outside running around and blowing bubbles.  The bubble season is just starting, and we are clearly going to have to buy stock in the bubble company.

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