Monday, March 5, 2012

Chores, Chores and More Chores

Oh, did you think I was talking about the life of a Mom?  Tricked you!  I was talking about our Little Helper, E!  She absolutely loves to help us with pretty much anything from tying shoes to cleaning up.  Some of her favorite ways to help:
  • Fixing our coffee
  • Zipping up everyone's coats
  • Unlocking the car
  • Paying for things in the store
  • Putting away shoes and coats
  • Brushing our teeth for us
  • Putting on our socks
  • Cooking
As an added bonus, she loves to do chores.  It's a bit demeaning when she walks around our house with the dustpan repeatedly saying "Diggy" (read: Dirty), wrinkling up her nose, and cleaning up our supposed mess that is all over the floor, but she seems to enjoy it.

Please, no emails reprimanding me for putting my daughter to work.  She does all of this on her own...

Unloading groceries.  Don't worry, her head was only in
the bag for a second.
"I like these, right?"

Dustpanning.  This is when she keeps telling me that the
floors are "diggy."  I guess my housekeeping is slipping.
"Mama, it's exhausting keeping these floors clean!"

"Um, excuse me, Mama.  Are you going to
pitch in here, or what?"
"Baba, I think you missed a spot washing
this thing."


JimandJackie said...

SO cute! It sounds as if things are going well!

J said...

That is so cute. She has a really helper's heart. Enjoy it to the fullest.

MarthaB. said...

How cute! Our daughter is the same way...she loves to help with any and all chores. If she sees me doing anything she drops whatever she is doing and comes running while yelling "Chen Chen do it!"

Narda said...
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Narda said...
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Narda said...

No wonder your floors are so gleaming!

How adorable--especially the picture with her head in the shopping bag :-)

(the deleted comments contained typos-sorry!)

Ladyblog said...

Soooo cute!