Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Hair, Again

So, there's been a lot of water cooler talk about E's whiffle.  Was it medical?  Did she have lice, or did she get a transfusion that way?  Is it cultural, and just something that we are not familiar with in the US?  Or is it just because it's so freakin' hot in the south of China that I'd be shaving my head, too?  Whatever it is, the consensus is that's she's the most adorable thing ever with or without hair, but people still talk about her new 'do.

I had the chance to chat up a lovely Vietnamese woman the other day.  Yes, this was at a nail salon getting a pedicure before our vacation-so what?  I asked her to paint a flower on my big toe and next thing I know my toe had become a canvas for something that could be in the Sistine Chapel.  She is one talented me if you need a manicure in MA.  Anyways, I'm way off topic here.

We got on the topic of the adoption, and I showed her our pictures.  She said, "Oh!  That's so good they shaved her head!  Aren't you happy?"  Um, no, "happy" was not what I had been thinking.  So I asked her if they did it because it's so hot there.  "Yes, maybe because it's hot but probably so her hair will grow in nice and thick!  It's good-now you won't have to shave it when you bring her home," she tells me.  I actually was not planning on shaving E's head to give her better hair when she got home, but whatever.

Then she went on to explain that some Asians shave their children's eyebrows as well so that they will grow nicely.  She pointed out how lovely hers are (and she really did have great brows).  She then cautioned me not to go home and shave mine, as I'm too old for that and they won't grow in.  Again, I was not considering running home to shave 'em off, but OK.

Finally, she shared the most amazing piece of information about her culture and this thing about cutting hair so that it will grow.  She said that when babies are newborns, some parents creep into their cribs as they sleep, and snip their eyelashes so that the lashes will grow nice and long.  "I did my son's, my husband did my daughter's."  Now, I will say that she did a mighty fine manicure, and she did paint that mural on my toe, but you gotta have some pretty steady hands to trim a sleeping baby's eyelashes!

So, whatever the reason that E is sporting her new crop, it's OK with us.  We are just hoping that her foster mama has hands as steady as a surgeon's.

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Debbie said...

Hello! I am a Rumor Queen "friend" and came across your blog on the babies post. It is super cute and I love your story. Emmilene is simply too cute for words.

Just a year ago we were in the waiting phase and super anxious to go get our sweet Mia! We too occupied our wait hoping for updates and sending care packages.

I love your post about Emmilene's hair. Mia also had super short hair in her pictures and when we got her. I asked our guide if the little girls have short hair because of the fear of lice or lack of time to brush/comb/maintain and she said "no", that it was because they believed the little girls hair would grow in thicker when they were older. She said they usually cut it short or shave it until they are 5. I think it is probably correct as another little girl who was 8 years old (and adopted at the same time as Mia) had a cute little bob. Same orphanage, same nanny same everything just older. So interesting.

Good luck with your amazing journey! The wait seems FOREVER but once you hold her in your arms the first time it ALL melts away. Mia has been such an incredible blessing and has added so much joy to our lives. Feel free to check out our blog and of course you can email me with any questions or concerns you have regarding your upcoming trip to China or adoption in general. I am no expert. I only know our experience but I am always happy to share with anyone if they think it would help.

Have a wonderful afternoon!