Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy B-day, Auntie Sue Sue!

We had an awesome time celebrating Auntie Sue Sue's birthday at Mom and Dad's house.  Mmmm...Mom's spaghetti and meatballs.  Yum!

P and I especially enjoyed making Sue laugh so much that she spit her tea out.  Or it came out of her nose.  Either way, you get the idea, we were laughing a whole lot.  A typical night at M&D's.

Sue, you have been an amazing source of love and support since the first second you knew about our E.  You are already the best Auntie in the world!!

Wishing E would get here soon!
(I forgot my camera, so this is one from a few years ago...)

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Anonymous said...

I know you forgot your camera...a fact that you kept exclaiming joyfully when I got stuck in my sweatshirt whilst attempting to pull it over my head and instead of helping you shouted, "Why don't I have my camera? I wish I had my camera!"
I can't wait until my next birthday when E is here to celebrate with her Auntie. Holidays and celebrations just don't feel complete now without her.
Is she almost here yet?