Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Care Package

The care package is something that I think we do as much for ourselves as for our children.  There are so many stories of care packages that are never received, or meeting your child and receiving the unopened package back.  Still, it feels good to do something--anything--that makes you feel closer to your child who is half a world away.

Wasatch (our agency) does not allow parents to send a package using a third party.  On one hand this is good because we got to go out and shop for everything ourselves.  On the other hand it is not so good because it seems like the third parties manage to get more and better updates and pictures.

We decided to stick with a small package under 3 lbs. for the first one as sort of a "test" to see if it even gets to her.  Take my word for it, 3 lbs. is not a lot.  Still, it took us days to fill this little box, trying to get the most into it, while keeping it under the weight limit.  A few things made it into the box simply because they are light.  For instance, we have no affinity for penguins, but Mr. Blue Penguin beat out every teddy bear we found because he was lighter.

We made sure to include two pictures of us, as well as a letter for E, and a letter for her foster mother and the orphanage director.

It was fun filling the box, but sad, too, because we just wish E was here with us.

P filling her Hello Kitty lunchbox (we call it her briefcase)
with goodies
Using my food scale to weigh the package

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