Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home Study Begins

We finally selected Good Hope Adoption and Family Services to be our home study agency and had our first visit today.  We picked them in part because they have an excellent social worker who has the time to start our home study and complete it in 30 days (assuming there are no issues obtaining clearances), but also because I got such a good feeling after talking to Karen, the agency Director.  I just clicked with her, and felt like they are really on our team.

The one issue is that the agency is located on Cape Cod.  While I love the Cape and went to my grandparents' house in West Yarmouth for one blissful week ever summer growing up, I am not looking forward to fighting the traffic for too many Saturday meetings in June.  In addition, Cape Cod = fried seafood as far as P is concerned, so I fear we'll be indulging quite a bit for the next few weeks.  Up until now, adopting has been the best weight loss plan I've ever been on.  No sleep, no time to cook, no time to eat anything but a saltine.

The first home study visit went swimmingly.  Our social worker, Mary Ellen, is softspoken and sweet.  She knows the regs, but she's warm and fuzzy, too.  Each of us left with a huge to-do list.

Knowing all of the work that lies ahead, we took some time to stroll Main Street in Chatham in the drizzle, talking about bringing our daughter here next summer.  And, of course, no Cape day is complete without a huge plate of fried seafood from Cooke's!

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