Sunday, June 19, 2011


She has a name!

After too much coffee over too many baby name books, we settled on a name.  We worked on our lists separately, and then compared them later.  Turns out, we both had the very uncommon name Emmilene on our lists!

We tooled around with different spellings, and pretty quickly settled on Emmilene because we want to spell it the way we want it to be pronounced.

Being the brilliant guy that he is, P suggested that we google the name to make sure that there are no current porn stars or ax murderers with the same name.  So, we googled the name (in different spellings) and here's what we found:
We were in no way were meaning to name our daughter after this book--we had already picked the name when we saw this.  Still, we found it interesting that it is a story were the heroine is an orphan (both of her parents were deceased).  She ends up happy and wealthy from inheriting a castle.  I don't think our Emmilene will inherit a castle, but I hope she will be a happy heroine!

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