Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Three Months of Rosie

Today is three months since R walked into the Civil Affairs office in Guangzhou, and into our lives forever.  She was very sick, her clothes were 3 sizes too big and her bangs were crooked.  During our time in China and once we arrived home, she decided she didn't like Mama very much, literally pushing me away at times.  She didn't know the concept of having boo-boos kissed and barely made a peep if she hurt herself.  She averted her eyes when you looked into them.  She'd even go as far as to cover her eyes up and shake her head "No" when you tried to make eye contact.  She seemed "happy-ish", I'd say.  Laughing, playing, smiling, but in a somewhat superficial way.

Flash forward to today.  Sure, some of the clothes we bought her are still too big--she's TINY, barely 20 lbs--but most of them fit.  She's healthy and I've figured out how to cut those darling little bangs pretty straight.  You'd never know that when we first met she tried to shut her new Mama out.  She kisses me and hugs me and wants me to hold her "UP" and never wants to be put down.  At the beach, she loves to just lie on me in the warm sun when I rub her back and smell her salty hair.  Now, EVERY boo-boo must be kissed, and she kisses the boo-boos of others.  She loves looking right into my eyes.  She takes my face in her tiny hands, presses her nose to mine, and looks right at me.  When we say, "I love you", she says it back.

R's language is coming pretty quickly.  She loves to sing, dance, and scribble.  The first time we took her to the beach she was terrified of the sand and water.  Today she was rolling around in both, having the time of her life.  She's a pretty good little eater, loves her bath time, and likes being tickled.  She runs to the door and yells, "Baba!!" and throws her arms up when P comes home.  R's relationship with her big sister is blossoming, too.  They play together, fight together, help each other, hold hands, and cause trouble together.

Three months is a short, short time in a newly adopted child's life.  There's still so much figuring out to do for all of us.  Still, we've moved forward leaps and bounds, and I credit Rosie's resilience, cheery outlook, and open heart for how far we've come.


Renate said...

Your girls are just cute, so happy to see things are going well. Love the pictures.

likeschocolate said...

A family created with God's wisdom and perfection! Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! I love to follow your blog. We're leaving in 2 weeks for our first (a little boy)!!!!!!

Pattie and Joe said...

There are no words that can describe the joy we have for you all - so no pithy comments or carefully chosen words. Four immediate lives and many loving family and friends lives have been changed forever without even touching that sweet face yet. Cannot even begin to imagine......Life is good!