Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No More Spoons

If the girls didn't take a semi-regular nap (AT THE SAME TIME), I don't know how I could survive the week.  Well, I don't mean survive, as in, survive, I just mean have a house that's almost reasonably clean, have pretty decent meals, be able to hear myself think, and stay sane.  Having two littles who are super active and so close in age is like living with a tornado.  They are constant in a way that I have never known constant before.  At the end of every super packed, whirlwind weekend of doing fun things and catching up on chores and chasing the girls, I always say to P, "Aren't you a little happy to be going to work tomorrow?  Just the tiniest bit?  You can admit it...a teeny weeny bit?"

The drama is at about an 11 on a scale of 1-10 right now.  Yes, yes, I know...we have two girls, what do we expect.  But between the sibling rivalry and the general daily drama, it's sometimes a little "much".  We had a temper tantrum over a hair braid yesterday that was so outrageous that if the A/C hadn't been on and our windows closed, our neighbors certainly would have called the police.  Braid in?  Braid out?  Or in?  Half a braid?  Whatever I have to do to stop the screaming...

The girls are starting to play together a little nicer, which is very sweet to see.  There's still a lot of "MINE!" and all of that going on.  Today I actually heard, "MY Mama!  No, MY Mama!"  Like P said, let's keep in mind that R isn't completely innocent, either, in all of the sibling drama.  Yesterday the girls were sharing an iced milk tea, and when we told R that it was E's turn with the drink, she'd just sit with the straw in her mouth and PRETEND to drink so E couldn't have it.  Sneaky indeed.

I'll admit, it's tough to always stay collected when there's constantly some "issue" going on that has to be mitigated or stopped.  We've both heard ourselves saying the crazy things we both swore we'd never say.  The first time I heard myself say, "Don't touch her" or "Don't touch her car seat" or "Just don't LOOK at her" I understood why my mom used to say that to my sister and me.  It sounds crazy and insane, but you're just trying to get through a 5 minute car ride to CVS all in one piece.  P had a great one this weekend:  "If either of you bite another spoon and break it, there will be NO MORE SPOONS IN THIS HOUSE.  None.  We will all just eat with our hands!"

So, just another day with the girls.  Not looking at each other, wearing braids, and eating with our hands.

Here are some pics of my day with the girls today in Boston...

Shopping for some goodies in Chinatown.

E's got quite a hold on her little sister!

Along Boston Harbor.

Glamour girls.

We rounded out the day with some pastries in the North End.  I
figured we earned it after all of that walking, right?


Even Miracles said...

Aren't sisters the best!?!? This post made me laugh so hard! So true so true. The things we say:)
My mom always says - I hope I live long enough to watch my grandchildren get even with my kids!!!

The Jiu Jiu said...

It sounds like the girls are feeling their way through to a new equilibrium; eventually I'm sure the drama level will drop (at least from red zone into yellow... LOL). If it helps you feel better, we ALL become our parents at some point in time. My niece was home maybe a year (probably less) when my sister admitted to Mom (in front of witnesses!) that she now understood a lot of what Mom had said to her growing up -- and even admitted she wasn't entirely sure why Mom hadn't just shot her at some point! Hang in there... their cuteness will prevail! :-)

Paige said...

Oh sister I feel your pain!!! Last summer was so hard, "nightmare" is more the word for it haha. What a difference a year makes. They will find their way and you will look back and wonder how you ever lived through it. Hang tight it will get better!~

The Mac Fam said...

Thank you for making me laugh. It was much needed in my jetlag haze I am still in.