Sunday, July 21, 2013

By the Sea

Just like with Emmie, we're not sleeping anywhere except our house for the first several months that Rosie is home.  We want her to have a really strong sense of where her home is, and understand that we always come back here before we start mixing it up with hotel rooms and the like.  Maybe it's overkill, and I know lots of people don't do it this way, but we just wouldn't want R to walk in to a hotel room and say, "Hey, wait a minute here!  Last time I was in a hotel room, everything in my life was turned upside down."  In a few months, she'll be more secure with us, and she'll also have more language so that we can explain to her what is going on when we stay somewhere other than our home.

The challenge is that it's summer, and summer is short, and we love to go places, especially to the ocean. The good thing is that P and I have always been big day-trippers, so that's how we're handling this summer.  The girls love going to the ocean as much as we do, so we're making sure to visit as many places as can be reasonably be done in one day so our newest little sweetheart can be tucked in to her own bed every night.

We recently visited Portland, Maine and had a great time eating and shopping.  We took the girls on a scenic cruise on a Casco Bay Lines ferry.  They loved it, although Emmie kept asking if the deck hands were pirates.  E was so observant, pointing out every lighthouse and lobster trap along the way.  Every time we passed another boat, both girls would wave and scream, "Hi!!!"  On the way home to break up the long drive, we made a quick stop in Ogunquit to stroll the Marginal Way.  We're so happy that the girls love breathing in that salt air as much as we do!

Mmmm...Micucci's!  Little girl, big pizza.

With her Main Squeeze on the ferry.

E pointing out the sites.

Waving to every boat we passed by.

Marginal Way, Ogunquit.

Getting ready for the long ride home so she can sleep in
her own cozy bed.


Fannie said...

They are too cute!! I love the beach too, and I'm missing it like crazy while we are in Oklahoma! Can't wait to get Ben and get all moved to Mobile so we can spend the rest of the summer playing at the beach too! :)

I've been praying for you guys. I know this is totally a different adjustment and pictures can be deceiving, but I'm praying that she is getting more and more comfortable and letting you all into her little heart. :)

We leave in 2 days & a wake up!!

Anonymous said...

Tracy-I love reading your blog. We're home a month with our son. We also love to do weekends away. How long do you wait? Thanks!

Tracy said...

Hi Mary-We're pretty serious about cocooning, so we waited about 3-4 months with each of our adoptions before spending a night away from our home. We wanted our girls to REALLY be in the routine of sleeping in their own beds, and to have enough language to understand what was going on when we went away. But, we started long rides and daytrips much sooner. The girls are great travelers, and I think going somewhere new for the day and then returning home helped instill in them that we always come back home. I know others take long overnight trips much sooner, but this worked great for us. Good luck!