Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just Bein' a Family

P's been back to work for two weeks now and it seems I've survived dealing with the gals on my own.  I will admit, come Friday night, put a fork in me because I'm DONE.  As in, counting down the seconds until Baba walks through the door.  Yes, of course, I adore my girls and they are the best, but anyone who spends 24/7 with two toddlers will tell you that they can be a bit--ahem--demanding.  And I'm still new at this...trying to figure out how to go about the day with two little shadows instead of one.

We just celebrated one month since we met R, and we have only just been together in this house longer than we were at the Holiday Inn in Guangzhou.  We would like to think that R is starting to realize that this is her home, not just another stop on her World Tour, but she really has no way of knowing that yet.  Like with E, we're cocooning pretty seriously, and of course there are the people who respect and understand this, and those who don't.  Either way, our agency supports this, as does our social worker, and we definitely believe it works so that's what we're doing.  The cocooning adds it's own layer of stress for me because I can't call in any assistance when I need a hand.  For instance, my China illness keeps dragging on and on and I needed to go the doctor with R in tow because there's no way I would ever leave her with anyone right now.  So there I am, peeing in a cup, with R as my audience probably saying to herself, "This woman gets weirder by the minute."

So in just about every free second we have together as a foursome, we've been trying to have some fun, and build memories as a family--especially for R.  (E already knows we are awesome, ha ha.) Going through these pictures, I realized we've been pretty busy at having a good time!

Memorial Day weekend.

Newburyport.  Baba and his girls.
June 1.  Rye Beach, NH.
After a late day picnic on the beach, we headed into Portsmouth
for ice cream and iced coffees!

Look at those smiles!

While R had a good time on her first trip to the beach, she would NOT
leave the "safe zone" of her towel and step in the sand or the water.

The girls.
June 2.  Castle Island on a CRAZY windy day.  We enjoyed a long walk and
watching the planes at Logan, capped off with some fries and frozen yogurt
from Sullivans.


Showing off her belly?

June 9...
...just over one month as a family of four!

Boston Dragon Boat Festival.

Pigging out on delicious Chinese food on the banks of the Charles River while
watching the Dragon Boat races.  Well, the girls pigged out and left us with crumbs.

Taking a long stroll along the Boston waterfront to end a great day.


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Looks like fun! Your girls are darling.

Renate said...

So very sweet. What pretty girls.
Happy for your family.

likeschocolate said...

Even us mom's who aren't cocooning have to take our children to the doctors with us sometimes. That is what makes us closer, and who knows what she saw in her life Before you were a family. I can only imagine she so stranger things. Yes, those feelings of being done are pretty normal, but you are right that when we are done we can usually call in some help. It will pay off in the end. Hang in there! Oh, I was wondering why you just didn't have her sleep on a bed on your floor in your room, so you would know when she woke up? I suppose though it is good to establish where ones sleeps, so you don't have to break habit later on. I just know a lot of families have the children sleep with them.

Pattie and Joe said...

Sorry a day late - Happy Happy (double delight) Father's Day Patrick! You are seriously one of the most selfless men we have ever known and the rock for your family. So proud to have you as our nephew in law :-)