Friday, June 21, 2013

A Birthday, Swan Boats, Father's Day and Stuff

So, we've been home about a month now.  I'll be the first to admit that a month is not a long time to get used to living with two crazy people being a mother to two toddlers.  P called today from work to check on us.  The call went like this:
P:  What's up?  How are things?
T:  [Over the din of screaming and dueling Dora microphones.]  How are THINGS?  It's Friday after a week of medical appointments every single day, and the girls got up extra early today, just for fun.  What are you calling for?  So help me God, if this phonecall has anything to do with what's for dinner, I'm going to...
P:  I was really just calling to say hi and see how things are.
T:  OK.  And don't you dare come home late.
Call ended.

Whew.  So, I'm a little stressed at the moment.  Every time I run into one certain person, she always says to me (as if it's the first time she's saying it), "Do your girls nap?  Because if they do, you should REALLY take a nap when they do.  You REALLY should."  Um, OK, thanks.  I guess my miracle powder called "Well Rested" is not living up to it's name.  Whatevaaaaaa...come to my house for a few days and see how fancy you look.

This is a tame breakfast at our house.

The girls had their first dual transfusion this week.  We're still not sure that we'll be able to get them on the same transfusion schedule, but we are surely going to try.  The transfusion itself went well, considering what a long day it is for all of us.  We had a longer shift than the nurses do!  We were really lucky to be offered a visit from some of the Patriots, but it sort of went downhill when E started SCREAMING when they came in to the room and she saw how huge they are.  Apparently, as strapping as her Baba is, she's never seen anyone quite so enormous before, nevermind 6 enormous people.  So, we missed that photo op.  Unfortunately, R had a small allergic transfusion reaction (3 hives) at night, so it looks like we are joining the pre-med ranks.

We had to deal with our first post-placement visit (especially after being in China longer than expected, it really snuck up on us), lots of medical appointments, and several early intervention assessments.  Throw in starting R on Exjade, keeping E on Exjade, and getting my PhD in Sibling Rivalry and we're a little tapped out.

Baba's birthday!  The cake totally sunk because I clearly missed an ingredient
due to the chaos of trying to bake it with the girls.  R threw everything into the batter that she could
get her hands on, including a lobster cracker, a bottle of amoxicillin (unopened) and a bottle of lotion (also unopened).
R was TERRIFIED once we lit the candles.

Boston Public Garden.
Go Bs!

Swan Boats

Caffe Vittoria.

Baba with his girls on Father's Day.  The girls made him a handprint tshirt.
In other words, my house was covered in paint.  I still have some blue in my hair,
but it looks kinda cool.  Hip Mama.

Petey's in Rye, NH for fried seafood for Father's Day.  R is LOVING the clam chowder!
A girl after my own heart!  Well, except that I didn't end up with any clam chowder!

"Where's my fish and chips?!?!!?"

A perfect Father's Day!  A handmade gift, fish and chips, relaxing at the coast,
and ending the day sharing a HUGE sundae with his girls!


Renate said...

But they look so sweet. LoL
Hopefully things will calm down soon. Love all the pictures keep posting,I love seeing the sweeties.

Paige said...

oh man I know your pain!! I promise it will get better. Our adjustment last summer was TOUGH!! Trust me when I say I was not ready to face the day for a few months!! A year later....some days are a little rocky but many many many more good days than bad:). Hang in there!

likeschocolate said...

Hang on there! I would be stressed out with all those appt too; especially with Boston traffic. You may want to look into a toddler summer for E if they have any in your area. Even if it is only a couple mornings a week for a week or too. I think it would be great for you and R to have some one on one time, give the girls a break from each other, and you could get some things done. It will get easier. I bet the girls would love the aquarium or the children's museum. Getting out of the house for fun stuff seems to help me. It looks like next time you will be getting two bowls of chowder . ��

Rita and John said...

Ah, I remember those first weeks home with two. So, so worth it and so, so hard. Hope it gets easier soon!

matt Dailey said...

You may feel overwhelmed but your pictures show a mommy loving life. Let this be your new mantra, "The days are long, but the years are short."