Monday, April 1, 2013

Missing Mei Mei

Oh, Rosie, Rosie.  I was going to do a cute Easter post (and I will), but right now my heart is just so so so sad thinking about you tonight.  I think about you every night, and just about every minute when I'm not 100% occupied with something else.  It's funny how you can miss someone you've never met.  I felt it with E, and I feel it with you.

I guess someday it will just be part of your story, part of the beginning of your life with us.  We might even laugh about it.  But right now, we are sad.  We've watched family after family move past us, catch up to us, and leave us behind.  We had an exceptionally long LID wait, much longer than the current average for our LOA wait.  And, now, a paperwork glitch is keeping you away from us even longer.  There was an important signature on one of our papers missing.  Our agency had the papers for over two months and didn't notice this.  It was sent to China without the signature, and has started a chain-reaction of delays and problems. In order to fix the problem, a new, signed paper was overnighted from the Chile.  Yes, right next to "China" in the drop-down menu.  From there it was re-routed by the agency to China Florida.  From there, the paper went on a 24-stop, 11-day journey.

I reminded everyone that at the other end of these exceptionally long waits and careless errors is an actual child.  I'm not just waiting on a pair of shoes from Zappos.  In the end, this current set of problems will delay us another two weeks at least.  Two weeks, you might say, doesn't sound all that bad.  But on top of all of the other delays we have had, and our timeline in respect to other families, it's getting a little hard to take.  Baba reminded me that all of this will definitely result in your requiring another transfusion in China.  Whether you get it or not is anyone's guess.

I've cried till my eyes can't cry anymore.  My hands are tied, except for sitting here with the tracking number all day and all night hitting "refresh" on my computer.  It's amazing how one piece of paper circling the world can make an already excruciatingly long wait even longer.

We love you, daughter, and just want you home here with us.


Cory and Molly said...

Oh, noooo. I'm so, so sorry this is all happening! Ridiculous! The wait is so hard, and being made so much harder for you all. Thinking of you and your baby girl.

PattieandJie said...

T, P, & E - wow - being away we just caught up. Hang in there and I am sure your tenacity will pay off! Love you all, and thanks for those pics of Rosy. Love, Pattie and Joe

Kelly said...

Oh Tracy! I got sick to my stomach reading this. Praying for peace in your wait. Praying that things will move along as quickly as possible. It is painfully hard to watch others pass you by. This happened in our wait for LOA. We waited 125 LONG days for that and while I was happy for others it broke my heart all at the same time. Hang in there. Rosie is coming soon!!

Amanda said...

Tracy, so sorry to hear things have hit a bump in the road. I can so relate this time around. Prayers that this is the last snag and you are on your way soon.

Kristi said...

ggggrrrrr!! We had a paperwork "glitch" with our first adoption -- one know the "we looked for her birth family but didn't find them" was missing from her referral paperwork. Nobody in China or our agency noticed but USCIS sure did. It delayed our 800 by a few weeks.

Chile though...really?!?

likeschocolate said...

I am so sorry for all the heartache and the frustration. I can only imagine how difficult it has been for you knowing your daughter is in China and the only thing keeping you from her are mistakes that could have been prevented. Your agency should have caught those mistakes. These poor children have to go through so much. I spent yesterday so frustrated because our agency gave us the impression everything would be complete in one year. I worked so hard to get the paper work completed and get our LID and now it turns out it could take another 6 months before they matched us. Had I know this I probably would not have signed with them and used one that encourage you to look through the shared files. Ugh! Even more frustrating I have seen several children who would be perfect for our family but are listed with other agencies. What does one do ... be patient, switch agencies,at this point I am not so sure. As you said what is a couple of week, and maybe the same applies for us what is another couple of months when this little girl will be apart of our family forever. Praying they can get this all worked out and your daughter will soon be in your arms. Hugs fro Atlanta, Georgia

Angela said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Our dossier sat in a guy in Beijing's apartment for a month and we were FURIOUS. (We spent at least 3 weeks of that time telling our agency "something's wrong" and being blown off.) I can't even imagine taking repeated delays. Our thoughts are with you guys - we totally feel your pain!

Erin said...

I found your blog by accident, and it's been such an inspiration to me as I look forward to my own forever family. I'm so sorry you're having to wait so long for Rosie--my fingers are crossed for you, and I check every day hoping for good news. My thoughts are with you all for here in NM, and thank you again for writing this blog.