Tuesday, April 9, 2013

E's Home Opener

There's just been a lot of stuff going on around here.  Unfortunately, little of it related to moving forward much with Rosie, but busy nonetheless.

There was Easter, and I've been one busy Mama...it seems like I'm constantly out and about giving talks.  I had the amazing opportunity to speak at Acceleron, a company working on a treatment for thal intermedia.  The welcome I received was just incredible.  Today I had a talk at my alma mater, Simmons College, about my career in clinical research.  Tomorrow I have a talk at Harvard Medical School about living with thal intermedia.  So I've certainly been working the speaking circuit in between bubble blowing sessions with Miss E.  That's OK, it gives me a reason to take off my stay-at-home-mom sweats and stay on top of my game.

We went away for the weekend to Ogunquit, one of our favorite places.  We're trying to get in some last good times as a threesome before mixing things up with our newest addition.

Yesterday was the Red Sox home opener at Fenway, and while we did not attend, E did her own tribute to the home team.  You can see for yourself...


Kennebunk Beach, Maine


Kelly said...

Oh my she is cute!!!! (Well all but the Red Sox part! Hee!!!!) Kate loved the video too!!!

Fannie said...

She is adorable! Love her Easter pic!!