Sunday, January 4, 2015

Santa came!

When we agreed to travel to China to pick up Francesca and return on Christmas day, we knew that there was no way Santa was going to be able to visit our house on schedule.  So we explained to Emmie and Rosie that sometimes Santa has to make a special trip to families who can't be somewhere where they can get their presents on Christmas at 38,000 feet on an airplane from China.  We promised them that our elf, Frosty, would watch our family carefully after we returned home so he could tell Santa when we were all healthy, over jet lag, and Frannie was reasonably settled in so he could make his trip back here.  Feeling like those criteria were met, Frosty gave the nod to Santa last night.

When we told the girls that Saturday was our Christmas Eve, they were so super didn't make one ounce of difference to them that Santa was coming a little late.  They understood that we had something more important to do on the "real" Christmas.  As if on cue, the snow started falling Saturday night.  Emmie and Rosie broke out into "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and insisted that Rudolph would really have to use that red nose to light Santa's way back to our house.  The girls got a plate of goodies ready for Santa and the reindeer and we read "The Night Before Christmas" because, for us, it was the night before Christmas.  As the five of us sat around our tree, for the zillionth time Patrick and I knew that we had made the right decision to get Francesca before Christmas.  Even though our holiday season was far from "normal", it was perfect in it's own way.

"Christmas Eve."  Frannie was so excited and she didn't even know what she was being excited about!
Maybe she just thought that huge cupcake from Mike's in the North End was for her.

The closest thing I could get to a photo of Frannie.  I'm not sure if she knew what
was going on, but she stayed very busy with all of her new toys.

Did they get Elsa and Anna dresses?  Of course they did.  But they spent most
of the day wearing their new firefighter outfits and putting out fires.  Love my gals!


The Jiu Jiu said...

WOW! I've finally caught up on your blog and that was the only comment that came to mind -- welcome home, Frannie, and welcome back home to the rest of the family! I'm glad to see the medical misadventures are retreating to their usual low background roar and that Frosty performed his job to the fullest. :-) The smiles on your daughters' faces say all the things I can't figure out how to say -- happy (belated) new year and I'm looking forward to following the ongoing adventure!

Anonymous said...

a simple response to you all is GOD BLESS US ONE AND ALL!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! cathy in very ccccold ILLINOIS!!!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful! I love watching you guys grow as a family and have been avidly reading all your updates.
You and your family are an inspiration!
Couldn't be happier for you.

Joe and Pattie said...

Hang in there Tracy! Doing the right thing often is hard - sometimes very hard -- and sometimes seems impossible. But those girls are blossoming and it is only due to the love and attention you shower on them :). There's that old saying making a difference in a child's life is more important than a perfect house.