Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Summer Fun

Our lawn may be a little overgrown, and that shelf over there looks pretty dusty, but we have been having some great weekends with E this month!

August started out with our annual trip to Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  It has been so much fun visiting all of these places that we went to last year and dreamt about bringing E to.  Sure, it's little more chaotic and a lot less relaxing, but we are enjoying every minute together as a family.  We took E on a ferry ride in the harbor that she loved.  She enjoyed looking for buoys and yelling out what colors they were.  We ate ice cream, visited quiet little harbors, took long walks, and shopped around.  Of course E's favorite part was probably playing with the telephone in the hotel room, but that's OK.  As long as she's having a good time.

E loves lobsters.  Eating them, too.

Our budding photographer.

Our next big event was the August Moon Festival in Chinatown.  We absolutely loved it!  We enjoyed browsing through the vendors, watching the dragon performances, eating yummy street food, and E had a panda painted on her arm.  We even met some other very friendly adoptive families.  It was a super time.

E loves iced milk tea.
This past weekend was packed with fun, starting with the Fisherman's Feast in the North End.  I've been to lots and lots of feasts, but I have never had as much fun as I had this time with E.  She had an absolute blast.  When she heard the band soundchecking some Frankie Valli tunes, she started dancing and when they stopped, she would say, "more more!"  The girl knows good music!  She ate arancini, chicken parm calzone, pepperoni pizza, and lots of whipped cream from our iced mocha.  She danced around to one of the vendors who was playing "O Sole Mio" as a crowd gathered.  At Caffe Vittoria, we sat right in the open window and she waved to passerby as they yelled, "Ciao, Bella!"  It was a great time.

Bargaining with a street vendor?  Or bargaining with us to stay longer?

Truer words were never written on a cheap feast t-shirt.

Placing her order?  A large iced mocha, hold the mocha, just give me the whipped cream?

We rounded out the weekend with a trip up to York Animal Kingdom.   We weren't sure if E would be brave enough to go on the kiddie rides herself, but silly us, of course she was!  She had an awesome time going on the rides and waving to us, full of giggles and smiles.  She loves any ride where she thinks she is driving, especially the bumper boats where she actually was driving.  Although, a pool full of 2 and 3 year olds driving bumper boats really just ends up in one big huge traffic jam in the corner of the pool, but they loved it anyways.  We ended our day in Maine with some fried seafood at Bobs in Kittery.  E loved the french fries, potatoes from the clam chowder, and my clam strips.  Baba and I loved it, too, and I think Baba is trying to brainwash E to ask to eat there every weekend.

She even looks cute as a clam.
Summer may be winding down around here, but we are keeping the fun going!

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AnnaJ said...

Nice vacation - fun times. Wish we had seen you in Boothbay last weekend...we wandered around and admired other people's children...your daughter could have been thoroughly admired!